AllRight Videochat

We launched a new fearute of our website — a videochat.
The videochat has the same functions as Skype: audio/video, screensharing, text chatbox.

To understand the principles of its work, please watch the video tutorial:


There are some technical issues about the videochat:

1. At the moment we use it in test mode. This means that it can be used with new students, who don’t have a Skype account or in case of some technical problems with Skype program.

2. The videochat works ONLY with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Please install them before you start working: download Google Chrome and download FireFox.

3. Screensharing in the videochat requires an extension. When you first click on the button «Share screen» the browser will give you a link to downloading. It’s easy and fast to do.

4. Normally the videochat doesn’t allow sharing system sounds, so if you want to play some sound to your student you will need to install Virtual Audio Cable.
The installation process is easy, but you need to be attentive.
If you need help with this step, please contact the methodologist for help.

To download install Virtual Audio Cable click here.
In this folder you will find a .zip archive with the program, written instructions for installation in Russian (English coming soon) and video instructions, which you can also watch here: