Charlie Flyer 1 in the classroom!

ATTENTION! There is a little bug reported — the slides are not changing on student’s side — we will be fixing it in the nearest days.

We are glad to announce that we have finished uploading the ready-made lessons of Charlie Flyer 1 (A2 — Pre-intermediate) level into the classroom!

The content of the level is quite suitable for teenagers, touching the topics, interesting for the ages of 10-15 y.o.

Another amazing fact is that the level contains teacher notes, presented in the form of short prompts with additional information or extra tasks:


According to the statistics, 5% of our students have their level identified as «Charlie Flyer 1», so we would like to remind those teachers, whose students study with this level to use the ready presentations in the classroom.

A student’s card and transferring the information from teacher to teacher

All Right is glad to announce that we developed the feature of collecting, keeping and transferring the information about the students.

Have you ever met a student who came to you from another teacher? Would you prefer to have more information about the student? Of course, you would. This would enable to to create a lesson either continuing the syllabus which the student used to follow or an effective trial lesson to check the student’s current level and possible gaps in his knowledge.

Students change teachers for many reasons:

  • a teacher has a long vacation — in this case there is a 50% chance that the student will come back to his previous teacher after the vacation or that he will stay with the new teacher; in the place of the new teacher you would prefer to get more info about the student’s previous studies to raise the chance that the student stays with you for long; in the place of the previous teacher you would like to make sure that your student is cared about which will raise the chance of his coming back to you after your vacation (a student who feels no care would most likely quit the school after an unsuccessful trial with a new teacher who has no idea what to do)
  • a teacher quits — then again, a new teacher needs some information to start with.

In the view of that, we added a new feature for teachers and students — A STUDENT’S CARD.

You might have already seen a button «My students» in your dashboard. All the students you have ever had (both trial and paid ones) are listed there. Every student has a card attached. But it is not very convenient to navigate in that menu, so we gave the teachers an option to work with the student’s card right inside the classroom during a lesson!!!


Now the student’s card appears on the right in the classroom.

All the information can be edited by the teacher.

All Right asks all the teachers to pay attention to these student’s cards and edit this info as following (either in English or in Russian):

Gender: male/female

Child’s age: if you get to know the date of birth, that would be great, but at least you can edit the current age if it is wrong

Wishes for learning: this line contains the information which the parent gave us while registering the account; sometimes they write about the child’s hobbies there as well; you can edit this line if you get more specific information at the lessons;

Child’s hobbies: you can write what you find out about the student’s likes and dislikes

Study notes: IMPORTANT!!! If you use any other books or materials rather than All Right slides, please specify which ones — additional grammar book, other courses, etc.

English level: this is the level of the syllabus the student is following at the moment; if you have already switched to the next level, please edit this line as well; choose «Other» if you use your own materials with the student.


You can also see that the system shows you which lesson was last studied by the student in the classroom (even with another teacher) which will help you a lot when you need to continue from the place where the student stopped.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

A student’s card can be also used as a «notebook» for the teacher. When you have 20+ students it can be difficult to remember them all. Now you have a convenient file with the main notes about the student.

All Right asks the teachers to dedicate a moment during a lesson to edit a student’s card. During June the methodologists will be checking whether the cards were edited and reminding the teachers about this if needed.

Your introductory video and how important it is

When a new teacher comes to teach at All Right we strongly ask him to make a short hello-video for his profile. This is stated in Terms and Conditions which you agree with when registering.

If you still don’t have it, then please, take your time during the upcoming weekend to create it.

Requirements for the video

  • a short video up to 1 min long
  • in English
  • no editing needed
  • can be recorded with your phone (like a selfie) or with a webcam (of course, if you can make it with a regular camera, that would be great)
  • upload it to your YouTube channel (don’t forget to switch privacy off) and attach the link to the Video line in your Edit Profile menu
  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel, please send the video to to the Methodologist in Skype

Why is this so important?

  • when choosing among a couple of teacher profiles, the parents prefer the one where they can hear the teacher’s English accent and see how the teacher looks in real life
  • after watching the video, the parent already gets some expectations and there is no risk of bad surprise during your trial lesson with the student, as their expectations already coincide with the reality
  • this helps to raise the conversion rate — how well your trial students become your permanent ones

Examples of good videos